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Sanya Forever

Adrien Gallo
China's Sanya (Hainan Island) is referred to as the "Hawaii of the East," due to it's lush tropical vegetation.

It is surrounded by clear blue waters, white sandy beaches, lush green highlands, swaying palms and warm breezes. Its colourful indigenous people give the Island a special flavour and charm.
Sanya is located in the South Sea about one hour south of Hong Kong by air. The island is separated from Leizhou Penusala in China's Guangdong Province to the north by the Qiongzhou Strait, and Vietnam to the west by the Gulf of Tongkin.
It is an emerald isle with forests covering over 50% of the Island. Hiking is a good way to see the island. You can go sailing, wind surfing, rappelling white water rafting or scuba diving. Horse riding and go-karting are also popular with visitors.
A fun activity is kite flying. The Chinese enjoy it and so can you. The lovely colourful kites flutter in the wind as you let them soar high, ever higher. Golfers can enjoy golf at a number of tournament grade golf courses.
A vide variety of holiday experiences are available here. If it's a tropical Sanya seaside holiday you want, then you are in luck for you can choose from a number of beaches, to the east of the downtown is Yalong Bay National Resort District, one of the most picturesque bays of China.
For an underwater adventure experience go snorkeling or scuba diving, Sanya is one of the largest diving sites in China. Yalong Bay, Dadong Sea, Xiaodong Sea, Wuzhizhou Island and West Island are widely recognized as super sites for diving.
Hainan is home to 37 etnic groups making for a truly multicultural colourful social fabric. Sanya is home to the Li ,Han, Miao, Hui peoples have sizeable populations.
Take a trip to visit them and experience their life style and culture. See them in their traditional costumes and enjoy their music, dance, food and handicrafts.
No holiday to Sanya is complete without shopping. Sanya has emporiums of every size. You can visit a corner shop or large departement store or step into a hotel boutique. They are all stocked with locally designed clothes and goods. It is a great place to buy a variety of Li, Miao and Hui produced handicrats. They are colorful and truly unique.
Sanya is a major exporter of pearls and so it is an ideal place to buy pearls and jewellery and other pearl products. You can also buy coffee, pepper and other spices and coconut products.
Sanya has many specialty restaurants serving Chinese, Japanese, and Western cuisine. However, it is famous for its inexpensive seafood so eat to your heart's content. Save some space for the Sanya specialities like Wenchang Chicken, Jiaji Duck, Dongshan Mutton and Hele Crab.
If you are in Sanya during festival time join in the fun.
The Junpo festival is held for heroes the Fucheng Flower Exchange Festival and the Sanyuesan Festival are when young people search for love.
The spring Festival and Lantern Festival and Dragon Boat Festival are colourful and beautiful to watch, and the last one the Jazz Festival every year in May.