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Confucius Temple Jianshui is the second largest in China after the one in Qufu, the birthplace of the master.
Located 15 minutes walk from the hotel to the residence of the Zhu family, one enters the temple from the south, directly overlooking the sea Studies, symbol of the vastness of Confucian knowledge. Thereafter, you will visit a series of courtyards, beautiful porches and pavilions. The doors of the temple such as the Star of literary talent or Great Perfection are very important in Chinese architecture. The hall of the Great Perfection, decorated with bright colors, is the main temple, and was built in the Mongol era
The temples of Confucius in China had two goals: to honor Confucius and provide children with a quality education. A Jianshui, it was also used to represent the imperial power and spend the mandarin examinations. Today there are still a whole school near the temple. The site is very popular with seniors who gather to chat or play Mahjong and listen Traditional music concerts.