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NAXI music concert in Lijiang

Music plays an important role in the Naxi culture. A recent enthusiasm for traditional music has to be known in China and around the world. This cultural heritage has been preserved by the Naxi since the invasion of Kublai Khan in the 13th century.
When he left the area after the Naxi had helped to cross the Yangtze River, Khan left behind half of his military band and dozens of sheet music, including 22 original compositions have survived until today.

Four men aged traditional orchestras occur in the old town of Lijiang, and the region, folk orchestras playing traditional Naxi music influences.

Two compositions, "Baishaxili" and "dongjing Yingyue" widespread in traditional Naxi orchestra, were transmitted in their original state as "Taoist music of the Han people" for generations.

Some Western experts call these pieces "typical traditional Chinese music" and "symphonies Chinese style." He Ju, president of the Association of Chinese Music, grants them the value of "living fossil of Chinese music"