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FCC Hotels & Restaurants Siem Reap Angkor

What’s the story?

The FCC story begins in June 1992 when a group of intrepid and inspired folk decided to share in Cambodia’s redevelopment after years of suffering and sadness. Combining sensitivity, style and design with a deep rooted understanding and appreciation of Cambodia’s unique and magical past, Indochina Assets Limited (IAL) - the FCC’s holding company - prides itself in welcoming dignitaries, celebrities and numerous travelers and local patrons to its establishments.

Our objective: to give each visitor a small but unique memory of Cambodia.

The FCC Phnom Penh

What is now regularly spoken of as one of Asia’s legendary hostelry’s, The FCC Phnom Penh, with its classic colonial elegance combined with its unique location on the banks of the mighty Mekong River continues to provide sensational food, drink and accommodation in an environment of charm and ambience.

The FCC Angkor

Set within the grounds of the French Governor’s holiday home the majestic FCC Angkor building, once used as a Cambodian police barracks was completely restored by IAL in 2002 and now offers the FCC’s unique blend of hospitality in our restaurant, bar as well as luxury hotel accommodation and Spa. The FCC Angkor is the wise travelers secret to enjoy the marvels of Angkor Wat and sister temples with the knowledge that one will enjoy the style and fun of staying at a truly great venue.

FCC Angkor - Design Statement

In developing our design for the FCC Angkor we were confronted with the need to synthesize both the constraints of the site and its context with a stylistic language, which was identifiably Cambodian. When we first saw it the building was barely standing but immediately we saw its potential and the maze of rooms that composed the upstairs was removed and a new terrace was added to the rear. Downstairs similar amounts of demolition lead to the creation of the arcade. Wherever possible new shutters were made as copies of the originals and commonplace Khmer materials were employed much as they would have been in its previous incarnation. The building was clearly “modernist”, a style, which the Khmers embraced and made their own in the 60’s, and it was this, which we as architects seized upon.

The building was, however, “too far” back from the main road and as such we proposed the reflecting pool to achieve the required foreshortening and provide visual focus to the newly created courtyard / terrace. In a similar fashion we suggested utilizing extended planes of wall to link front and back and generally produce a sequence of external “rooms” which enhance the connections between front and back and serve to underscore and thus highlight the magnificent trees we were blessed with. Paramount in our layout of these was to avoid cutting any trees. As the guest will see at times these penetrate the building wholesale which we like to think of as being reminiscent of the temples and heir colonization by nature. In addition we felt it was important to keep our structural grid parallel / perpendicular to the original building and where even use the same basic ordering dimensions, stylistic detail and color scheme.

Internally we once again took a restrained and simple approach to create what we hope is a relaxed and open design. We felt it was important to keep elements within a family, which lead to us not only designing all the furniture but also items such as wall and desk lamps especially for the project. Naturally we were delighted to see
that the owners had commissioned art and other miscellaneous items with a similar level of consideration rather than simply hanging the kind of innocuous work that normally graces the walls of hotels.

Gary Fell - Architect

Botanical Pop

I wanted to create paintings that contrasted with the organic forms in the surrounding environment and which complemented the modern / retro atmosphere of the FCC Interiors. This was achieved by defining palettes for individual herbs, spices & fruits, then reducing their complex natural forms to a “Pop Art Style, series of stripes”.

Jerry Swaffield - Artist

Apsaras of Angkor

The rare archive photograph in your room is from the book, “The Apsaras of Angkor’’ by Christophe Loviny, the first art book published in Khmer.

“Majestic temples are not the only remnants of the splendors of Angkor civilization. Classical dance is its living reflection, miraculously preserved for over nine centuries.

In the image of the celestial apsaras sculpted on the walls of Angkor Wat, today’s dancers still preside over the country’s ceremonies and offerings to the gods. They perpetuate great mythical themes like the Reamers, Cambodia’s version of the Ramayana, which remains a timeless source of reference and instruction”.

H.R.H Princess Norodom Buppha Devi,- Minister of Culture and Fine Arts


In the hotel gardens, where most part, a minimal approach has been taken to create surroundings which compliment the clean lines of the architecture, emphasis has been given to fragrant plants such as Jasmine, Gardenias, Mock-Orange, and Spider Lilies which are used on a daily basis, in VISAYA SPA. Elsewhere, Manila, Palms, Pigmy Date Palms, Ruffled Fan Palms, Red Ginger, Dracaenas, and Haliconias add a feeling of tropical lush.

Your Room

At FCC ANGKOR we offer the modern day traveler a sophisticated yet relaxing experience. From internet connections and laptops available from our front office to individual oil paintings on canvas, archival photographs of Apsara Dancers, aromatherapy burners, flat screens TV’s, natural bath soaps, salts, gels, and Cambodian Silk Cushions.

Soft Furnishings

All Soft Furnishings are made from Cambodian Textiles. Cambodian “Golden Silk” is known for its unique natural color and luster. Fabrics used are a mix of silks and cotton silk woven by traditional handlooms, from throughout Cambodia. Desk Chop/Stamp Accessory

“Chop” your very own “In Residence at FCC Angkor” business card. Print our address and contact details and simply add your name. You’ll never get lost again.