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Adrien Gallo

Photo Reporter

Born in French Algeria, Adrien Gallo came to live in France in 1962 and soon after started his international travels that have taken him across the globe many times. His first port of call was the famed islands of Tahiti where his passion for photography developped with a notable feature covering the official visit to French Polynesia of General de Gaulle.

Back in France, Adrien Gallo became a correspondant to various travel and news magazines

In the early 1980s Adrien settled in the US, living in New York, Dallas Texas and Los Angeles, he became a regular contributor to respected travel and discovery magazines such as Geo, San Diego Magazine and Island magazine.

His features appeared many times in the Dallas Morning News and the Los Angeles Times.

His work has also been exhibited in many cities around the States. Notably a roving exhibition featuring the Haitian Tap Tap, A urban survival photo reportage at the Dallas Public Library.

Adrien was also commissioned by the Spanish Tourist Board to exhibit his work on Fifth Avenue in New York. In 2000 he organized the International Food & Wine Travel Writer Association Conference in Malacca, Malaysia.

His passion for photography has taken him to the four corners of the world where he came into close contact with many different cultures. Lately Adrien travelled extensively troughout China and South East Asia. His features have been published extensively in Asia specifically in Voyage Magazine China.